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Established in 1969, Piping & Equipment (P&E) came into existence with three entities spanning 3 states. There were the Georgia, Alabama, and the Florida groups lead by Roger A Patterson Sr. Throughout the years and changes in the industry, the Florida group became the P&E that stands today.

Past leaders like Ronald Yeakle, Roger Foss and PVF icon Gary Cartright helped create what stands today. Mr. Cartright continued the importance of being true to his beginnings to keep excellence in performance and always give premier customer service. In 1987, the Total Quality Program was implemented and gained recognition as one of the nation’s most respected ‘quality’ PVF distributors and still retains these beliefs today.

In 1995, Piping & Equipment then joined the Affiliated Distributors to enable a customer-driven, single source solution that reduces procurement, inventory, and distribution costs while improving service to the end user. Gary Cartright was one of the first to put his name on a purchase order to be a part of this now very successful organization.

Piping and Equipment Story
Piping and equipment origins

In the company’s continued growth, Piping & Equipment, Inc. became a subsidiary of Fairmont Supply Co in July of 2007. Piping & Equipment has been paved with a desire to make the entire process of purchasing, receiving and utilizing products exceptionally smooth, one that brings success for your company. It’s modern-day experience will be met with a historical hospitality focused on the same core values it has maintained for decades, while also accommodating the evolutionary needs of our customers.

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